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Asian Breeze

We publish the newsletter Asian Breeze, available in Japanese and English, three times a year.
Featuring topics on women especially in the Asia-Pacific region, the newsletter carries columns by both Japanese and overseas experts in various fields, as well as local reports by foreign correspondents.



Asian Breeze No.69

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Asia and Me―Decent Work, A Key Agenda Item in Human Development” by Ms. Mitsuko HORIUCHI, President, Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Women’s Social Advancement and Birthrate Decline in Singapore” by Dr. Keiko T. TAMURA, Professor, the University of Kitakyushu
  • FEATURES―Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers 2013
  • FY2013/14 KFAW Visiting Researchers and Research Theme
  • The 23rd KFAW Foreign Correspondents Start-up Activities!

No. 69 November 2013

Asian Breeze No.68

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Japanese Women and Leadership Development” by Ms. Mariko BANDO, President, Showa Women’s University
  • SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION―”A Lesson from the Arab Spring” by Ms. Tawakkol KARMAN, 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
  • FEATURES―Reports on Participation in the 57th U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW57)
  • World Report “Multicultural Coexistence in Japan, Korea and the U.S.”

No. 68 June 2013

Asian Breeze No.67

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Violence against women will only cease when men speak out and challenge the violence of men” by Mr. Chris GREEN, Executive Director, White Ribbon Campaign
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Women’s Human Rights in Media Coverage (Part 3)”
  • FEATURES―The 23rd Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women
  • Gender Mainstreaming in the Balkans

No. 67 March 2013

Asian Breeze No.66

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Requirement for Indixiduals Who Want to be Active on the Grobal Stage” by Ms. Yukako UCHINAGA, Director and Executive Vice President, Benesse Holdings, Inc.; Chairman of the Board, CEO and President, Berlitz Corporation; Board Chair, J-Win (Japan Women’s Innovative Network) 
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Women’s Human Rights in Media Coverage (Part 2)”
  • FEATURES―Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers 2012
  • The 22nd KFAW Foreign COrrespondents Start-up Activities!

No. 66 October 2012

Asian Breeze No.65

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Welcome to Incheon, the Women-Friendly City” by Dr. KIM Min-Bae, President, Incheon Development Institute (IDI)
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Women’s Human Rights in Media Coverage (Part 1)”
  • FEATURES―Activities by Dating DV Prevention Education Facilitators
  • Report on Participation in the 56th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

No. 65 June 2012

Asian Breeze No.64

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Violence against Women is not a private matter: it’s a public crisis that demands a public response” by Ms. Michelle BACHELET, Under-secretary-General, United Nations and Executive Director, UN Women
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Reflections on Dating DV (Part 3)”
  • FEATURES―”The 22nd Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women”
  • Conclusion of Agreement on Exchange and Cooperation with Incheon Development Institute (IDI), Korea

No. 64 February 2012

Asian Breeze No.63

  • WOMEN TODAY―"The Third Basic Plan for Gender Equality: International Perspective" by Mr. Takashi KASHIMA, Professor, Jissen Women’s University
  • SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION―"Village of Hope: A Rwandan Couple Assists Female Genocide Victims"
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―"Reflections on Dating DV (Part 2)"

No. 63 October 2011

Asian Breeze No.62

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Women in the Asian Pacific Region and United Nations” by Ms. Hiroko HARA, Advisor of JAWW (Japan Women’s Watch)
  • SPECIAL CONTRIBUTION―”White House releases a Groundbreaking Report on Women in American Society” by Mr. Michael Chadwick, Consul for Public Affairs at the U.S. Consulate in Fukuoka
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Reflections on Dating DV (Part 1)” by Ms. Noriko YAMAGUCHI, a Representative of Aware

No. 62 June 2011

Asian Breeze No.61

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Dalian Women’s Development after 1995’s Conference on Women in Beijing” by Ms. Wang Ling-Jie, President of Dalian Women’s Federation in China
  • FEATURES― The 21st Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women
  • World Report Seminar “Domiciled Foreign Women and the Local Community”
  • Foreign Correspondents Report― from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and China

No. 61 February 2011

Asian Breeze No.59

  • WOMEN TODAY―”ROK Challenges Low Birth Rate Aging Society” by Ms. Kyungsook KIM, Former President, Chungcheongnam-do Women’s Policy Development Institute (CWPDI)
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―Japan’s New Lay Judge System and Gender (Part2)
  • The 54th CSW/Joint Seminar with CWPDI in New York
  • The 8th JICA Seminar on Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers

No.59 July 2010