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FY2016/17 Research Theme

“Human Resources Management for Foreign Care Workers in Japan:
A Gender Perspective on Recruitment and Training”


  Although the Japanese government had been cautious in introducing foreign workers into the country, it recently began to receive those who aimed to work as qualified care workers from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam under Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA). Behind this is the government’s desire to address a decline in the country’s workforce and a shortage of care workers resulting from an increase in the aging population. In addition, the government is planning to receive foreign domestic workers in some of the National Strategic Special Zones. Receiving foreign workers is thus becoming an important issue to be discussed.
  This research will focus on the measures that the Japanese government has introduced for receiving foreign care workers (to take care of senior citizens or support household chores), thereby clarifying the Japanese gender structure and the position of foreign workers in the labor market. The research will also analyze the current situation and problems regarding how to secure and develop such workers.


FY2016/17 Visiting Researcher


Research Fellow, Saga Women’s Junior College


Associate Professor, Saga Women’s Junior College