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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Vol.2 Environment, Development and Women (March, 1993)

Vol.2 Environment, Development and Women (March, 1993)


Foreword Eiichi Isomura A Glimpse into the Human Problems of Asia
Special Feature Bella Abzug, Erna Witoelar, Vandana Shiva, Miwako Kurosaka, Shigeyuki Okajima, and Mitsuko Shimomura Women in Environment and Development
Kazuo Sumi, Nahoko Shimomura, Satoru Nishimura, Bella Abzug, Erna Witoelar, Vandana Shiva, and Masami Shinozaki Women’s Participation in Development and Environmental Issues
Articles Tadaakira Jo The Sexually Discriminating Customs in Asia―From the Viewpoint of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women―
  Masako Yasutaka The Problem of Asian Women and Prostitution
  Akiko Ikeda War and Asian Women in Prostitution
  Kazuko Tanaka Citizens’ Participation in “Women in Development”
  Rumi Shiromoto “Changes in Values with Reference to Marriage Advertisements in Modern China”― The Analysis of “Zhongguo Funii (Women of China)”―
Trend of Women’s Studies in Asia Qi Wen Ying The New Trends for Women’s Studies in China since 1979
A Preliminary Study for the Research on the Contemporary Thai Family Masami Shinozaki  
Research Report Akihiro Oda Development Education
Book Reviews Yasuko Muramatsu Must Literature for “Women in Development”
Mieko Ishibashi “Nang Ram” (Literature of Thailand – the Nation with a Smile -)
  Yoshiko Tomiyasu “The Population Problem in China”
  Tomoko Kakuno “Very Ordinary Korean in Japan”
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JPY 1,000
B5/145 pages
Published in March, 1993
ISSN 0918-8568

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