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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Vol. 17 Welfare and Gender (December, 2008)

Vol. 17 Welfare and Gender (December, 2008)

It is necessary to incorporate gender perspective in research, policies and projects in the field of welfare, but there have been few studies adopting this approach. This volume contains papers and research notes written from gender perspective that analyze issues, such as the decreasing number of children in Japan, aging societies, poverty, income gaps, pensions, as well as reports by KFAW researchers and articles and essays on other topics.


Foreword Masami Shinozaki East Asian Networks for Elderly Care
Thematic Paper Reiko Ogawa Migration of Southeast Asian Care Workers to Japan: Issues and Contestations
  Akwi Seo Formation of Ethnic Identity through Elder Care: An Analysis of Korean Women’s Solidarity in a Day Home in Osaka
  Pei Xiaomei Economically Involved but Socially Excluded Elderly Survivors in Transitional China
Research Notes Yoshimi Chitose Gender Differences in Health Insurance Coverage among Foreign Residents in Japan: A Case Study from Hamamatsu City
  Bingqin Li, and Huamin Peng Unemployment Experience and Registered Long-term Unemployment in China: A Gender Perspective
KFAW Reports Asuka Kawano, Takuzo Osugi, and Junko Otani Women’s Community Activities in Central Asia from Gender Perspectives
  Masako Ota Eco-business by Women’s Group in Gujarat, India
Trends in Women’s
Studies in Asia
Rashidah Shuib Women in Science and Technology in Malaysia: A Gender Perspective
Current Topics Calvin S. de los Reyes, and Yasuhide Nakamura Ensuring Healthier Mothers and Children in Japan and across the Asian Continent: The Maternal and Child Health Handbook Program
  David Adam Stott Inong Balee: The Forgotten Heroines of Aceh?
Photo Essay Yasuko Ose Elderly Care through Rural-Urban Communications: A Visit to Yume Mirai Kunma
Women in Kitakyushu Beverley Anne Yamamoto A Vision of Modern Dance that Transcends Traditional Barriers: A Profile of Akiko Kuroda

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B5/128 pages
Published in December, 2008
ISSN 0918-8568