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Vol.3 A:Population and Our Earth’s Future/B:Women’s Reproductive Rights and Population Problems in Asia (March, 1994)

Vol.3 A:Population and Our Earth’s Future/B:Women’s Reproductive Rights and Population Problems in Asia (March, 1994)


Foreword Yasuko Yamashita The Challenge of Japanese Women in Asia
Special Feature Devaki Jain, Sombhong Pattawichaiporn, Keiko Higuchi, Makoto Atoh, Shunsuke Iwasaki, and Hiroko Hara Population and Our Earth’s Future
Ryoichi Suzuki, Rikko Chin, Kuniko Funabashi, Devaki Jain, Sombhong Pattawichaiponrn, and Masami Shinozaki Women’s Reproductive Rights and Population Problems in Asia
Articles Noriko Yoshimura A Comparative Study of the Culture of Childbirth in Japan and Korea
  Yoko Tanaka Asian Female Migrant Workers
  Ketsu Shin The Changes in the Consciousness of Fertility of Women in China: Fewer Children and Son Preference
  Akira Namae The Experience of Women in Development in Japan: Movement for the Improvement of Living Conditions
Trend of Women’s Studies in Asia Saparinah Sadli Women’s Studies in Indonesia
Research on the Contemporary Chinese Family Wang Zhenyu An Exemplary Survey on Changes in Marital and Family Concepts―Description and Analysis of 121 Questionnaire Answers from Shenzhen
  Masami Shinozaki Study Notes for the Research on Urban Chinese Family
Research by Citizen Shinobu Saito, and Misuzu Morimoto A Comparative Study on the Consciousness of Environmental Isuues in Three Cities in Japan, Korea and China: A Survey of Junir-High School Students and Their Parents
Current Topics Yukiko Oda Women and Family in Pakistan
  Satoko Kanzaki Children and Education in China
  Sachiko Wada A Report on The Asia and Pacific NGO WID Symposium, Manila, November 1993
  Yoshiko Misumi A Report on the Sixth International Forum of Association for Women in Development
Book Reviews Yuzo Yabuno “Singapore: A Brain State”
  Ikuko Noguchi Wild Swans: Chinese Modern History at the end of Century from Women’s View
  Hiroko Miyazaki “Why She Quit her Sogoshoku”
  Yoshiko Taniguchi Gender Analysis of Development Projects
  Erika Umeki Two Selected ILO Publications Related to the International Year of the Family: Reports on “Workers with Family Responsibilities” and “Part-time Work”
Editor’s Note

JPY 1,000
B5/163 pages
Published in March, 1994
ISSN 0918-8568