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We publish the newsletter Asian Breeze, available in Japanese and English, three times a year.
Featuring topics on women especially in the Asia-Pacific region, the newsletter carries columns by both Japanese and overseas experts in various fields, as well as local reports by foreign correspondents.



  • Pre-event of the 33rd Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women – entitled “Fleeing Ukraine to Moldova -Women and Children Refugees” 
  • JICA’s Cooperation to Moldova - Satoshi Sugimoto (Chief Representative, JICA Ukraine Field Office)
  • How Moldova national authority supports Ukrainian women and children refugees “Small Country with a Big Heart” - Vladimir Negura (Head, International Relations and European Affairs Directorate, General Police Inspectorate, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Republic of Moldova)
  • Notable debates on the refugee crisis at the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova - Rodica Zadnipru (Senior Consultant, Department of Assistance and Development, Secretariat of the Parliament, Republic of Moldova) 

No. 92, August 2022

Ajia Josei Kenkyu

Ajia Josei Kenkyu

Ajia Josei Kenkyu(Japanese) has annually been published in Japanese by Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women (KFAW) since 1992. Volumes 1 to 18 include papers, articles and book reviews contributed by researchers inside and outside of KFAW on such topics as development, environment and peace from a gender perspective. From volume 19 onwards, Ajia Josei Kenkyu include reports by KFAW researchers as well information on the KFAW Research Division's activities.

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KFAW Working Paper

KFAW Working Paper

KFAW started publishing the KFAW Working Paper Series in 2011. (mostly in Japanese)

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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Journal of Asian Women's Studies (JAWS) has annually been published in English by Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women since 1992. JAWS, volumes 1 to 17 provided an interdisciplinary forum that critically considered knowledge and strategies for empowerment of women in Asia and other countries by inviting papers, articles and book reviews from academics and practitioners of various countries. From volume 18 onwards, JAWS includes papers contributed by researchers outside of KFAW* and reports on activities of KFAW researchers as an E-journal.
* At the moment, we don't accept any papers from outside of KFAW.

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Vol.27 (March, 2021)