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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Journal of Asian Women's Studies (JAWS) has annually been published in English by Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women since 1992. JAWS, volumes 1 to 17 provided an interdisciplinary forum that critically considered knowledge and strategies for empowerment of women in Asia and other countries by inviting papers, articles and book reviews from academics and practitioners of various countries. From volume 18 onwards, JAWS includes papers contributed by researchers outside of KFAW* and reports on activities of KFAW researchers as an E-journal.
* At the moment, we don't accept any papers from outside of KFAW.

Vol.27 (March, 2021)

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Organizing Discourses around Family

before and after the International Year of the Family

-Basic Research for International Comparison-

 By Mayumi HACHISUKA, Mayuko SANO
 Published in March,2021

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