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Ajia Josei Kenkyu

Ajia Josei Kenkyu(Japanese) has annually been published in Japanese by Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women (KFAW) since 1992. Volumes 1 to 18 include papers, articles and book reviews contributed by researchers inside and outside of KFAW on such topics as development, environment and peace from a gender perspective. From volume 19 onwards, Ajia Josei Kenkyu include reports by KFAW researchers as well information on the KFAW Research Division's activities.



Published in March,2024


ISSN 0918-8290

Asia Josei Kenkyu Vol.32 (Japanese)(March,2022)







Vol.25 (Japanese) (March, 2016)

Vol.24 (Japanese) (March, 2015)

Vol.23 (Japanese) (March, 2014)

Vol.22 (Japanese) (March, 2013)

Vol.21 (Japanese) (March, 2012)

Vol.20 (Japanese) (March, 2011)

Additional Volume (Japanese) (March, 2010)

Vol.19 (Japanese) (March, 2010)

Vol.18 Science and Gender (Japanese) (March, 2009)

Vol.17 Gender and Welfare (Japanese) (March, 2008)

Vol.16 Gender and Policy/Politics (Japanese) (March, 2007)

Vol.15 Globalization and Gender (Japanese) (March, 2006)

Vol.14 Gender and Human Security (Japanese) (March, 2005)

Vol.13 ICT and Gender (Japanese) (March, 2004)

Vol.12 Sustainable Development from a Gender Perspective (Japanese) (March, 2003)

Vol.11 Gender and Health (Japanese) (March, 2002)

Vol.10 Towards Gender Mainstreaming (Japanese) (March, 2001)

Vol.9 Toward a Gender Equality Century (Japanese) (March, 2000)

Vol.8 Mainstreaming Gender Perspectives (Japanese) (March 1999)

Vol.7 Women and Education (Japanese) (March, 1998)

Vol.6 Women and Media (Japanese) (March, 1997)

Vol.5 Women and Work (Japanese) (March, 1996)

Vol.4 Women and Family (Japanese) (March, 1995)

Vol.3 A:Population and Our Earth’s Future/B:Asian Women and the Population Issue (Japanese) (March, 1994)

Vol.2 Environment,Development and Women (Japanese) (March, 1993)

Vol.1 Women in Development in Asia (Japanese) (March, 1992)