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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Vol.10 Women/Gender and Globalization (December, 2001)

Vol.10 Women/Gender and Globalization (December, 2001)


Foreword Teruko Ohno A Woman Artist from Vietnam: Women Building the Culture of Peace
Research Paper Rekha Pande The Social Costs of Globalization: Restructuring Developing World Economies
  Ayako Taguchi Globalization and the Mental Health of Migrant Women: Implications for Japanese Social Work Practice
  Yasushi Katsuma Combating the Globalization of Child Sexual Exploitation: From Asia to Latin America
  Yuka Iigai Rural Women under Indian Liberalization: Economic Exploitation and Political Empowerment
  Dr. Rajendran Muthu Gender in Malaysian Society: Issues, Responses and Challenges
  Keiko Nakamura Examining Women’s NGO’s in Development: A Case Study of Nepal
  Reina Ichii Time Allocation of Females under Microcredit Programs: A Case of the Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia
Special Contribution  Eun-kyung Park Engendering Process in the Global Women’s Environmental Movement
KFAW Reports Masami Shinozaki Present Status of Japanese Women Farmers: Distress and Conjugal Partnership
  Yukiko Oda Toward Gender Mainstreaming: A Review of Implementation of Agenda 21 and Beijing Platform for Action in Japan
Trends of Women’s Studies in Asia  Ngo Thi Tuan Dung Trends of Women’s Studies in Vietnam
Current Topics  Yuka Iwatsuki Child Participation: Moving From Child Labour to Child Work
  Miho Sato, and Lalaine P. Viado Activities and Advocacy of the Network of Asia Pacific Youth (NAPY)
Women in Kitakyushu Dr. Beverley Yamamoto Pioneering Women’s Independence through Education: A Profile of Kane Ushiro
Book Review Dr. Beverley Yamamoto A Social History of Womanhood and Childhood
  Masako Yasumaru Comics for Young Women: Strategies for Stereotypes
Photo Essay  Kyoko Sato Buchang: Vietnamese Pottery Village
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Published in December, 2001
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