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Survey and Research Projects

Survey and Research

KFAW researchers conduct research on gender issues in Asian and other countries, and share research results at the Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women, KFAW journal, Ajia Josei Kenkyu, and seminars.


>>Past Research Activities of KFAW Researchers


Visiting Researchers

KFAW invites researchers from outside of KFAW in order to expand the field and geographical area of research. Visiting researchers are selected through an open application procedure every year.


FY2016/17 Visiting Researcher

Professor, Faculty of Law of the University of Kitakyushu, Keiko Tsuji-TAMURA
Associate Professor, Kagoshima Prefectural College, Kyoko HIKITA

Research Fellow, Saga Women’s Junior College, Rie KAGE
Associate Professor, Saga Women’s Junior College, Yukari MAEYAMA


>>Past Research Activities of Visiting Researchers


KFAW Asian Researchers Network

KFAW Network of Asian Researchers aims to share research and practical activities conducted by researchers and practitioners in and around Kitakyushu who work on gender issues in Asia and other countries, as well as to expand the KFAW Network.


Program Development

Incidences of dating DV (physical or verbal violence imposed on unmarried partners) are currently increasing, particularly among young people. AT KFAW, researchers and consultants specializing in prevention of DV have gathered to develop a new program aimed at preventing dating DV. They have also been working on training facilitators who specialize in dating DV prevention.



Publication of Journals and Working Papers

Ajia Josei Kenkyu in Japanese and the Journal of Asian Women’s Studies in English
(E-journal) are published annually in order to share research results of KFAW researchers and report on activities of Research Division.
KFAW also publishes the KFAW Working Paper series.