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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Vol. 13 ICT and Gender (December, 2004)

Vol. 13 ICT and Gender (December, 2004)


Foreword Yasuko Muramatsu Are ICTs an All-Powerful Panacea?
The 14th Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women   Women’s Empowerment and ICT
Research Papers Chineze J. Onyejekwe The Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Women’s Empowerment: An Overview
  Kumiko Shuto Green Tourism and Women’s Social Position in Rural Japan
  Subadhra Devi Rai Calculating the Monetary Value of Dais’ Work: A Strategy for Advocacy
Reports on Work in Progress Shafi Bhuiyan Nahid Qureshi Health Information, Education and Communication Needs: a Case Study of a Health Education Workshop in a Public Maternity Hospital in Bangladesh
  Gloria Elena Navarro Bridging the Digital Divide to Promote Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment in the Philippines
KFAW Report Masami Shinozaki The Promotion of the Family Business Agreement Policy among Farmers and Gender: The Introductory Phase
Trends of Women’s Studies in Asia Amgalan Terbish, and Oyuntsetseg Oidov Towards Mongolian Women’s Empowerment
Current Topics Yuko Tsurugi Report on the XV Internatioal AIDS Conference, Thailand
Yukiko Oda Can We Justify Inequality as a Custom?: A Case of the Right of Common in Okinawa, Japan
Book Review Atsuko Miwa Navigating You through the Complex Reality of Development from people’s Perspectives
Women in Kitakyushu Beverley Anne Yamamoto The First Female Principal of a Junior High School in Western Japan: A Profile of Katae Terasaka
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Published in December, 2004
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