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Recruitment for 22nd KFAW Foreign Correspondents Program

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  Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women (KFAW) is pleased to announce its FY2012 recruitment of our foreign correspondents. KFAW foreign correspondents program aims at expanding an information network through reports on the status of women in the world. So far 257 correspondents from 38 countries have reported their cultures, women’s status and social issues from gender perspective.

  The main theme of the 22nd Foreign Correspondents Program is “Striving for the creation of communities where both men and women can fully demonstrate their potential equally.”

  We suppose every country or region might have expressions or customs based on stereotypical gender roles. These are challenges to be addressed by society as a whole to make use of full capacities of men and women. We would like you to give us your original reports on how men and women equally take active parts in society free from stereotyped perception for gender roles.


1.Number of Recruits 3 persons
2.Qualifications (1)KFAW is soliciting foreign correspondents who are residents principally in the Asia Pacific region excluding Japan. (Nationality or gender is not a factor)
(2)Correspondents must turn in 3 reports in Japanese or English.
3.Term July, 2012 ~ March, 2013
4.Application Applicants must submit the following items to KFAW by June 30, 2012 (Sat.) through e-mail (
(1)Application form (profiles within 150 words in English)
(2)1st report (Up to 1,200 Japanese characters or up to 700 English words.)
(3)Photograph/s related to your report with caption. (please reduce the total size of pictures less than 3MB)
5.Honorarium 8,000JPY/1 report (only for successful applicants


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