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The 29th KFAW Foreign Correspondents Wanted!!

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The 29th KFAW Foreign Correspondents (hereinafter called “FCs”) Wanted!!

  The Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women (KFAW) is looking for four persons as FCs to be engaged in information gathering and analyzing on gender equality, and empowerment of women as well as some public information activities for KFAW. Any person who wants to join our FC should apply by June 17, 2019. Number of recruits, qualification, duties and honorarium as well as application are as follows:


1.Number of Recruits 4 persons
2.Qualification Anyone who are residing outside of Japan, preferably in Asia and the Pacific region can apply for this job.
3.Duties (1) To submit a short essay in English or Japanese, twice a year (in June and December) on the themes stipulated in the Application Guidelines.
(2) To provide KFAW with information on gender-related issues in your country.
(3) To be engaged in some public information activities for KFAW
(4) To participate in a web conference via IT
4.Term July 1, 2019 ~ March 31, 2020
5.Application Applicants must submit the following items to us by June 17, 2019 (Mon.) through e-mail (

(1)Application Form (profiles within 150 words in English) with your photograph
(2)1st report (Up to 1,200 Japanese characters or up to 700 English words.)
(3)Photograph/s related to your report with caption. (please reduce the total size of pictures less than 3MB)
6.Honorarium 24,000JPY(only for those who have satisfactorily fulfilled their assignments


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