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Projects to Promote International Understanding

KFAW Consulate Series Special Version: What is the Apex Leadership for Women – Striving to Demonstrate Further Performance (October 24, 2013)

1.Date October 24, 2013
2.Lecturer Ms. Yvonne R. Davis, President and CEO, Davis Communications
3.Participants 82

    Ms. Yvonne R. Davis delivered a lecture titled “What is the Apex Leadership for Women – Striving to Demonstrate Further Performance.” Unlike an ordinary lecture, this lecture was active and provided interaction with participants.


    To become a leader, you need to know about yourself. To know about yourself means not only understanding your weak and strong points. To know about yourself, it is important to pay attention to yourself, rather than rely on estimates by others, and to take an objective look at your ideas. It is necessary to see yourself objectively, as if seeing the entire picture from a balcony. Sharing her past experience with diets, Ms. Davis indicated that balance was very important to anything. (To lose weight, she was once so focused on exercise that her physical health suffered.)


    Subsequently, she explained the following points necessary to secure the best communication: 1) speaking clearly so that the listeners will understand; 2) considering how to communicate with others; 3) securing consistency in your approach; 4) making appropriate follow-ups until the very end and responding promptly; 5) always respecting others; and 6) being sincere and honest.


    She went on to speak about gender differences in communication and strategy to demonstrate maximum leadership at work or in an organization. Drawing many opinions from participants, this was a very significant and interactive seminar.