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Projects to Promote International Understanding

KFAW College Seminar World Report “Promoting Human Security in Asia”

  • Time and Date: Saturday, December 3, 2005 14:00-16:30
  • Venue: Kitakyushu Municipal Gender Equality Center “MOVE” Main Seminar Room
  • Organizer: Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women
  • Admission: 500 Yen (General) 300 Yen (Students) Free (Supporting Members)
  • Participants: 71 persons

Presenters and their Titles of the Speech
Ms. Miyoko Shimazaki (Visiting Researcher, Nihon Fukushi University, Institute for Alternative System of Social Welfare and Development)
“Women in Nomadic Women in Mongolia-Transition from Socialism to Market Economy-“
Ms. Kanthi Wijetunge (Forein Correspondent / Sri Lanka)
“Challenges before Sri Lanka: Conflicts and Tsunami Disaster”
Ms. Nilima Kulkarni (Foreign Correspondent / India)
“Security of Women in India: Status and Challenges”
Ms. Yukiko Oda (Chief Researcher of KFAW)

Simultaneous interpretation offered

KFAW Foreign Correspondents reported each country’s situation of “human security” and efforts to it from a point of gender-related view. Then they discussed with participating citizens based on the presentation. After the seminar, presenters and citizens made an exchange meeting.

Human Security refers to a situation in which basic human rights and freedom are secured, people are free from fear of threat; and people can live with dignity pursuing love, culture and their belief.