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23rd Seminar on KFAW Research Activities (December 8, 2012)

1.Date and Time December 8, 2012 (Sat.) 13:30~16:00
2.Venue Kitakyushu Municipal Gender Equality Center, MOVE
3.Organizer Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women

23rd_Report_on_KFAW_research_activities.JPG  The Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women (KFAW) conducts surveys and research on a wide variety of issues related to gender and women around the world, especially in the Asia-Pacifi c region. At the 23rd Seminar on KFAW Research, KFAW researchers and visiting researchers presented the results of their research carried out in fi scal 2011 and fi scal 2012, and exchanged various opinions with the seminar participants.

Report 1 “Comparative Research on Effective Child-Raising Support Measure to Deal with Declining Birthrates in Japan and Korea”
Masami Shinozaki, Chief Researcher, KFAW
Bae Hae-Sun, Professor, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Faculty of Literature / Faculty of Human Sciences, Chikushi Jogakuen University
Report 2 “Examining Education Trajectories and Views on Employment and Marriage: A Case of Female Students in Higher Education in Trivandrum, India and Kitakyushu, Japan”
Masako Ota, Senior Researcher, KFAW
Report 3 “Research Analysis and Network Development to Support Businesses of Rural Female Entrepreneurs”
FY2011/12 KFAW Visiting Researcher
Kayo Okabe, Adjunct Lecturer, Hosei University
Mayumi Dan, Adjunct Lecturer, Keisen University
Report 4 “A Study on Women Marriage Migration from Transition Countries in Asian Region to Japan: Case Studies from Indo-Chinese Refugee Families and Chinese Families in Japan”
FY2011/12 KFAW Visiting Researcher
Mika Hasebe, Lecturer at the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Education and Research, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies