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Program Development

Seminar on DV Prevension, Follow-up Seminar for Facilitators of Datin DV Preventive Education (August 10, 2014)

1.Date August 10, 2014
2.Venue Kitakyushu Municipal Gender Equality Center, MOVE
3.Lecturer Ms. Masayo Takenoshita, Women’s Counseling Kyoto
Ms. Keiko Nakata, DV Prevension Nagasaki
4.Participants 40

  The Seminar on DV Prevention titled “Practices of DV Victim Assistance – Situations of DV Victimized Mother and Child -” was given by Ms. Masayo TAKENOSHITA, from Women’s Counseling Kyoto. 
  Ms. TAKENOSHITA, who offers psychological assistance to DV victimized mothers/children and other victims, spoke about victimized children’s cruel reality that they are narrowly living in DV environment with their mothers, considering that eyewitnessing DV is child abuse. She stressed that it was important for victims to have someone who shared their hardships.
  In the afternoon, Ms. Keiko NAKATA, the representative of DV Prevention Nagasaki, held Follow-up Seminar for Facilitators of Dating DV Preventive Education. First, the activity report was presented by DV Prevention Kitakyushu Maple Leaf which organized dating DV preventive education at high schools and universities in Kitakyushu City. Then Ms. NAKATA gave a lecture on “Challenges in Promoting Dating DV Prevention.” In the second half of the session, the participants discussed challenges in dating DV preventive education through a group discussion.