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Program Development

KFAW Preventive Education on Dating DV for Future Facilitator (January 22, 2011―February 19)

 KFAW held a four-lecture program from January 22 to February 19, 2011. Fourteen people, including incumbent teachers and nurses, applied for the program with a quota of 10 people. After eagerly attending lectures on various topics from related laws and regulations to training classes, all 14 participants were awarded certificates of completion.

Group Work

 Dating DV is DV (domestic violence) that occurs between unmarried men and women, especially young couples in their teens and twenties. According to a survey conducted last year by KFAW under contract with Kitakyushu City, at least 80 percent of high school teachers in the city pointed out the necessity of preventive awareness education on dating DV.

 KFAW has engaged in surveys and research on DV cases overseas focusing on Asian countries and its impact on families and children. In Kitakyushu Municipal Gender Equality Center MOVE, for which KFAW serves as a designated administrator, KFAW has made efforts to improve the center’s consultation system, create booklets for developing awareness and hold seminars.

 Lectures this time aimed to train staff members who can take the lead in actually conducting dating DV preventive education classes in civic centers and at school education sites such as high schools.

 The practical training program, which was conducted over a short period of time includes learning about many fields’ related laws and regulations. For example, these include the Domestic Violence Prevention Act, Basic Act for Gender-Equal Society and the Third Basic Plan for Gender Equality. Trainees also heard about current teenagers’ philosophy of love. Participants also acquired facilitation methods including the use of visual materials.

 The second lecture, “Violence against Women-Actual Situation and Psychology” by Sachi Nakajima, representing the NPO “Resilience,” was held as a public lecture which was attended by about 60 people. She explained about the kinds of structures that underly acts by a person in a stronger position hurting a person in a weaker position. She also pointed out that respect for one’s partner rather than controlling or pushing one’s feelings onto the other is essential for love.


 In a questionnaire given to attendees after the lectures ended, while most persons answered that the lectures were understandable, some requested a deeper understanding of gender issues. Others wanted to introduce as soon as possible this information at their facilities. KFAW will hold follow-up training for persons attending lectures and discuss a system for dispatching trained persons as needed to schools, civic centers and relevant facilities in the future.

Program of KFAW Preventive Education on Dating DV for Future Facilitators
◆First lecture
Necessity and purpose of preventive education on dating DV Yuki Kubota, Professor at Kyushu Sangyo University, KFAW Director
Basic Act for Gender-Equal Society and the Third Basic Plan Yumi Rikitake, Coordinator, Kitakyushu Municipal Gender Equality Center MOVE
Details and unsolved problems of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act Yayoi Kubota, Lawyer, Seiwa Law Office
◆Second lecture
“Violence against Women-Actual Situation and Psychology” (public lecture) Sachi Nakajima, NPO “Resilience”
Modern Youth-Communication & the Philosophy of Love and Sexual Behavior Toshifumi Sakai, part-time instructor, Ube Frontier University Junior College
Yuki Kubota, Professor, Kyushu Sangyo University, KFAW Director
◆Third lecture
Assertion-Ideas and Works Akiko Tominaga, clinical psychologist and women’s counselor
Yuki Kubota, Professor, Kyushu Sangyo University, KFAW Director
Facilitators-their Attitudes and Skills Akie Iwamaru, Representative Director of the NPO “Gender and Global Citizenship Project”
Learning and Model Classes for Preventive Education Plans Kumie Kamohara, counselor, Mental Consultation Room “Chamomile”
Yoshiko Tomiyasu, acting leader, Kitakyushu Shelter, KFAW Director
Yuki Kubota, Professor, Kyushu Sangyo University, KFAW Director
Drawing up Plans for Training Classes Masami Shinozaki, KFAW chief researcher
◆Fourth lecture
Advice for Training Classes and Hands-on Training Kumie Kamohara, Masami Shinozaki, Yoshiko Tomiyasu, Yuki Kubota,
Masako Ota, KFAW senior researcher