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Human rights

Human Trafficking and NGO Commitments

  • Time and Date: Sunday, June 27, 2004 14:00-17:00
  • Venue: Kitakyushu Municipal Gender Equality Center “Move”, 6th fl. ICSEAD Conference Room
  • Participants: 90 persons

Speakers (with consecutive interpretation)
Ms. Melanne Verveer (Chair of the board of Vital Voices Global Partnership)
Ms. Sandra Jackson (President of Vital Voices)

Actual State of Human Trafficking Worldwide and Initiatives Taken by Government and NGOs in the USA
Vital Voices’ Activities and Initiatives against Human Trafficking, etc.

Activity Cases
Ms. Yoshiko Haga [Representative of Committee for Education of Child Sexual Awareness and Wellbeing (CESA), Kitakyushu, Japan]
“Activities on CESA, including Surveys and Educational Activities Related to the Sexual Exploitation of Children and Educational Support for Young Victims of Human Trafficking in India”
Ms. Kaname Tsutsumi [Director of the Asian Women’s Center (AWC), Fukuoka, Japan]
“Introduction of AWC’s Support Programs for Women and Children of All Nationalities”

Fukuoka American Center (Public Relations Department of American Consulate Fukuoka)
Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women
Supported by CESA, AWC, Gender Study Network
Human Trafficking is the serious problem as present-day slavery. Today in the world at least 700,000 people-most of them are women and children-are suffered from trafficking. Also in Japan, as one of “the acts of violence against women”, the necessity of law legislation from a view on female human rights recovery is appealed.

Vital Voices Global Partnership, US-based international NPO, acts for improving political, economical and social status of women around the world. One of their important activities is to eliminate human trafficking. Back in 1997, then first lady Hillary Clinton started a program and it developed to be organized as an international NGO. Ms. Hillary Clinton is now the Honorary Co-Chair of Vital Voices.

KFAW invited both Ms. Verveer (the Chair of the board, Vital Voices Global Partnership) and Ms. Jackson (President of Vital Voices) to Kitakyushu, who attended as experts the conference “Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking in Asia” in Tokyo (July 23 and 24).