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Training Programs for International Government Officials

Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers – Summer 2018

KFAW conducts a training program twice a year for central and local government officials in developing countries, who are in charge of gender mainstreaming, consigned by the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Kyushu Center (JICA Kyushu). The first training course (A) in FY 2018 was held from Monday, June 11 to Wednesday, July 11, and government offi cials from 7 countries, Ghana, Kosovo, Palestine, Malawi, Nigeria, South Sudan and Tanzania, participated in the training.


One subject of the training is Gender Mainstreaming in Childcare System, which has been conducted over 30 times thanks to the cooperation of the Koutakuji Daycare Center and Koutakuji Daycare Center II in Kitakyushu City.

This time, the participants visited the Koutakuji Daycare Center II on July 2 and enjoyed an exchange program celebrating the Tanabata festival with the children. They also learned about childcare in Japan today in a lecture given by Ms. Sakiko Fujioka, the Vice-Principal of the center.


After the visit, a participant from Palestine said, “I understood that fathers and mothers can go to work thanks to daycare centers in Japan. Child-rearing has been regarded as a mother’s task for a long time. However, in Japan, daycare center is now playing an important role for promoting women’s participation in the labor market. I would like to improve childcare services in Palestine based on this experience in Japan.” The visit to the daycare center further deepened their understanding of gender mainstreaming.