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Training Programs for International Government Officials

Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers – Winter 2019

The second FY 2018 “Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers” training was held from January 10 (Thu) to February 7 (Thu) with the participation of seven representatives from seven countries—Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan.

The purpose of this training course is for government officers to develop and implement effective plans to promote gender mainstreaming within their organizations. The training course is made up of a mix of lectures, workshops,
discussions and field visits over a one-month period.


JICA accepts government officers who will be leaders in building their own countries under its training program in Japan to provide support for acquiring skills and knowledge and developing systems. This thematic-based training course is implemented with the participation of attendees from those countries requested by the Japanese organizers.

KFAW updates subsequent courses based on requests and comments from trainees who participate in each of these trainings. The ability to understand the status of gender mainstreaming and issues in various countries leads to the development of optimal proposals as one of outputs from the training. On the first day of the course, the participants present and share the status and challenges in gender mainstreaming in each country with all attendees. The participants who visited Japan from the seven countries delivered their presentations, albeit
slightly nervously, and discussed issues with other participants and expert commentators. At this presentation session, the participants were able to have a candid talk with one another and deepen their understanding even after the training period had ended.


This fiscal year, participants also participated in seminars for the public organized by KFAW, such as the “Gender in Africa” (June 29) and “International Exchange
Talks” (January 27), which allowed them to interact with the public and share information through discussions.


In this way, KFAW not only implements the training course itself, but also welcomes the participants as new friends who can share information on various gender issues and take up the challenge to find solutions to problems, resulting in a meaningful and productive month in Japan.