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Training Programs for International Government Officials

Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers – Summer 2019

From this fiscal year, “Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers” is being conducted as a paired training with one representative each from national machineries promoting gender equality and other ministries and organizations in order to promote gender mainstreaming in each country in a more cross-sectoral way.

The first training program was held between June 12 (Wed) and July 10 (Wed) with nine participants from six countries (Afghanistan, Kosovo, Pakistan, Malawi, Bhutan and Cambodia).


Participants paid a courtesy visit to the Mayor of Kitakyushu City on July 4 (Thu) and listened to a lecture on the status of the city’s promotion of the SDGs. On July 5 (Fri), the participants took part in an interactive exchange with students at Jiyugaoka High School (second years, about 50 students) who are studying about gender. The participants joined groups divided by country and after introducing the students to their countries, strengthened the exchange by answering various questions on gender from the students. A participant from Malawi commented on how “amazing it is that Japanese schools incorporate gender and the SDGs in the curriculums from kindergarten to high school” and that he wanted to do the same in his own country.


Participating in these types of interactive exchanges with local residents can increase understanding on gender issues by both JICA participants and those who take part in these activities. KFAW provides support to ensure that this one-month training period is a meaningful and significant opportunity for participants.