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Training Programs for International Government Officials

’05 Country Reports

  • Time and Date: Friday, July 8, 2005 13:30-17:00
  • Venue: Kitakyushu Municipal Gender Equality Center “MOVE” Main Seminar Room
  • Moderator: Ms. Kaname Tsutsumi (Professor, Kyushu Women’s University)
  • Organizer: Kitakyushu Forum on Asian Women / JICA Kyushu International Center
  • Participants: 61 persons

Simultaneous interpretation offered

KFAW held a country report presentation meeting that was given by JICA trainees of 4th Seminar on Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers and the Counterpart Training Course of the Promotion of Gender Mainstreaming (Cambodia).

Prof. Tsutsumi acted as chairperson and coordinated the meeting. In addition, Prof. Kubota and Ms. Yukiko Oda (Senior Researcher at KFAW) took on the role of commentators, offering a clarification of aims and evaluation of each presentation.
During the meeting, there was appositive exchange of opinion between citizens and JICA participants, and there was a high level of satisfaction with the meeting. Many citizens said that they gained an awareness of the gender issues concerning each country and Japan by hearing first-hand reports directly from JICA participants. A number of participants commented that through the meeting they had gained a sense of “oneness” that we are all working together to solve shared problems.

Thus, the meeting deepened mutual understanding between JICA participants and participating citizens.

At an informal meeting that took place after Country Reports meeting, there was positive international exchange between the citizens and JICA participants.