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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Vol. 16 (December, 2007)

Vol. 16 (December, 2007)

At present we are facing many challenges, such as globalization, the increasing gap in incomes, and an aging society. Although laws, institutions and society are undergoing changes, women’s participation in decision-making processes is still limited. How can we achieve gender equality at the political level? How can we raise the issue of gender equality at the policy level? What do we need to do for the voice of women to reach higher-level decision-making bodies? This volume includes papers that analyze from a variety of perspectives the issues of policy-making and politics in relation to the achievement of gender equality in society.


Foreword Keiko T. Tamura Gender and Political Policy in Asia
Special Contribution Misako Iwamoto Policies, Politics and Reproductive Rights in Japan
Research Paper Etsuko Okazaki Women and Tourism: Does Tourism Really Open Doors for Women?
Research Notes Jennifer Igawa Explaining the Low Awareness Rate of Emergency Contraception in Japan Compared to the U.S.
  Siti Sugiah Mugniesyah Women’s Land Ownership and Its Relation to Food Utilization and Nutrition: The Case of Kemang Village in West Java, Indonesia
  Shweta Singh An Innovative Approach to Identity and Agency: The Case of the Self-Employed Women’s Association
KFAW Reports Junko Otani The Status of Social Development in Central Asia from Gender Perspectives
  Harumichi Yuasa Japanese-Americans and Politics in Hawaii: The Case of Patsy Takemoto Mink
  Masako Ota An Examination of Environmental Education in Nepal from the Perspective of Education for Sustainable Development
Trends in Women’s Studies in Asia Nurgul Djanaeva Women’s Studies and Women’s Movements in Central Asia
Current Topics Harumichi Yuasa A Consideration of the 2007 Upper House Election in Japan
  Machiko Hachiya Gender Perspectives on Recent Developments in and Future Prospects for Japanese Politics
Photo Essay Taeko Takayanagi Pakistani Women’s Marriage and Family Planning: A Visit to a Local Family Planning Center
Women in Kitakyushu Beverley Anne Yamamoto Taking the Male Lead: A Profile of Hanabusa Seiho’s Life in Japanese Dance
Book Reviews Reiko Ogawa Transforming Lives: Abused Migrant Women in Japan, Blaze a Trail towards Empowerment
  Keiko Shimojo Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood, 2003 and Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return, 2004
  Yasushi Totoki Doing Time: Feminist Theory and Postmodern Culture
  Masako Ota Gender Policies in Japan and the United States: Comparing Women’s Movements, Rights, and Politics


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B5/ 124 pages
Published in December, 2007
ISSN 0918-8568