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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Vol. 8 (February, 2000)

Vol. 8 (February, 2000)


Foreword Junko Kuninobu Human Rights of Women Migrant Workers and ‘Development’
Special Contribution Malavika Karlekar Speaking Out: But are the Voices heard? Perceptions of Violence against Women in India
Research Paper Miki Suzuki Law as a Subversive Site: Women’s Struggle in Bangladesh
  Yoko Ishikawa, Yasuhide Nakamura, and Som-arch Wongkhomthong Spousal Communication about Family Planning and Contraceptive Use in Bulacan, the Philippines
  Yoko Saika Implications on Gender Mainstreaming from Women’s Support Project Phase II in Indonesia
  Hana Kobayashi Gendered Myths and Realities of Community: Community Forestry in Nepal
  Takayoshi Kusago Mauritian Women’s Labor Market in Transition under a Globalized Economy
KFAW Survey Report Yukiko Oda A Survey Report of Women Migrant Workers in Garment Industries in Ho Chi Minh City
Trends of Women’s Studies in Asia Indrani Sugathadasa Trends of Women’s Studies in Sri Lanka
Current Topics Sun-Hye Kang Women’s Development Act and Basic Plan for Women in Korea after the Beijing Conference
  Lai Suat Yan The Domestic Violence Act: Current Challenges to Malaysian Women
Book Review  Tim Cross Beating, Battering and Communal Restraints: Sanctions & Sanctuary
  Tim Cross Loving States: The Transformation of Intimacy
Photo Essay  Machiko Imada Images of Myanmar: Buddha and Working Women
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Published in February, 2000
ISSN 0918-8568