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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Vol.9 (December, 2000)

Vol.9 (December, 2000)


Foreword Ruri Ito Parity: Reinventing French Universalism?
Research Paper The Domestic Violence and Gender Research Group Domestic Violence and Gender:The Voices of Older Japanese Women
  Junko Otani Gendered Dynamics of Community Care Development: The Experience of Kobe
  Chiho Ogaya Gendered Migration and Supplementary Income: Mobilization of Gender Concepts in Rural Philippines
  Dr. T. M. Joseph Proportional Representation as a Means of Increasing Women’s Role in Legislatures: A Case for Electoral Reform in India
  Dr. Deepa Grover Traffic in Girls
  Tamah Nakamura, Yasuko Otsu, Denise Drake, and Yoriko Taniyama The Role of Women’s Centers in Japan: Trends in Activities Reflecting the World Women’s Movement
Special Contribution Dr. Bernadette P. Resurreccion The Changing Nature of Women’s Knowledge and Erosion-Control Technologies: A Socio-Historical Approach
Trends of Women’s Studies in Asia Dr. Shanthi Thambiah Trends of Women’s Studies and Gender Studies in Malaysia
KFAW Presentation & Report Yoshiko Misumi Women’s Anti-Pollution Movement in Kitakyushu City: From a City of Smoke to a City of a Blue Sky
Yukiko Oda The Environment as Economy: Women’s Challenges in Kitakyushu
  Kaname Tsutsumi Immigrant Women and the Battered Women’s Movement in Japan
  Yukiko Oda The Women’s Conference on Environment in Asia and the Pacific: “Women’s Proposal for Solving Environmental Problems in Asia and the Pacific”
Current Topics  Yoshiko Tomiyasu Growing Older Without Worry
  Seiko Hanochi Feminisms and Globalization: Beijing+5 Global Feminist Symposia
Book Review Junko Otani Combining Gender and Economic Analysis
  Tim Cross Japanese Silence Broken
Photo Essay  Yuko Shibuya Nepalese Government’s Trial in Empowering Women
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Published in December, 2000
ISSN 0918-8568