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Asian Breeze

We publish the newsletter Asian Breeze, available in Japanese and English, three times a year.
Featuring topics on women especially in the Asia-Pacific region, the newsletter carries columns by both Japanese and overseas experts in various fields, as well as local reports by foreign correspondents.



Asian Breeze No.58

  • WOMEN TODAY―”30 Years of the Women’s Convention: Not a Declaration but a Legally Binding and Implementable Women’s Human Rights Instrument” by Ms. Dubravka SIMONOVIC, CEDAW Committee member
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Japan’s New Lay Judge System and Gender (Part 1)” by Ms. Mikiko OTANI, Deputy Director of the Secretariat for the Gender Equality Promotion Division, Japan Federation of Bar Associations
  • The 20th Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women
  • MOU on Academic Exchange Concluded with CWPDI, Korea


No. 58 March 2010

Asian Breeze No.57

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Ending Violence Against Women : What will it Take?” by Ms. Ines ALBERDI, Executive Director of United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Effective Anti-HIV/AIDS Measures (Part 3)”
  • FEATURES― Summer Seminar on Michelle OBAMA
  • JICA Seminar on Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers

No. 57 November 2009

Asian Breeze No.56

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Norway: A Haven for Gender Equality and Families? Politics that pay off in economic terms and the number of babies” by Ms. Arni HOLE, Director General, the Department of Family and Equality, the Royal Ministry of Children and Equality
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Gender-Sensitive Measures to Prevent HIV/AIDS (Part2)”
  • Participating in the 53rd Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women 
  • New Foreign Correspondents’ theme “Your Daily Life- Clothing, Dietary Life and Living Environment” 

No.59 July 2010

Asian Breeze No.55

  • WOMEN TODAY―”How we think about what we do” by Ms. Mieko NISHIMIZU, Former Vice President, The World Bank Group, Partner, ThinkTank SophiaBank
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Gender-Sensitive Measure to Prevent HIV/AIDS (Part 1)”
  • FEATURES― The 19th Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women “Eat the Earth, Eat on the Earth”
  • Commemorative Lecture on KFAW’s 15th Anniversary

No. 55 February 2009

Asian Breeze No.53

  • WOMEN TODAY― by Ms. Yuko ARIMORI, UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Sports and Gender (Part 2)―Gender Bias regarding Sports and Exercises”
  • Participating in the 52nd Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women
  • Foreign Correspondents’ Reports “Women and Community Activities”

No. 53 June 2008

Asian Breeze No.52

  • WOMEN TODAY― by Ms. Tokiko KATO, Singer
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Sports and Gender (Part 1)―Sports Culture and its Influence on Gender”
  • The 18th Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women “Let’s Link Together and Create a More Sustainable Future”
  • Republic of Korea – Study Tour

No. 52 March 2008

Asian Breeze No.51

  • WOMEN TODAY― by Ms. Naoko YAMAZAKI, Astronaut
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Population and Gender (Part 3)―The Cairo Program of Action and Fertility Transition”
  • KFAW FY2007 Visiting Researcher
  • KFAW Joint Research Report “Opening the Door to Migrant Care Workers for the Elderly in Japan – What Can We Learn from the EU and East Asia?”

No. 51 October 2007

Asian Breeze No.50

  • WOMEN TODAY “How Happy is our Planet?”

― by Mr. Nic MARKS, head of center for well-being, the new economics foundation (net)

  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Population and Gender (Part 2)―Mortality and Gender in Developing Countries”
  • Participating in the 51st Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women
  • JICA Seminar on Gender Perspective in Environment and Development

No. 50 June 2007

Asian Breeze No.49

  • WOMEN TODAY “6th East Asian Women’s Forum”

― by Ms. Zhao Shaohua, Vice President and Member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women’s Federation

  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”Population and Gender (Part 1)―Gender Equality and Falling Birth Rates”
  • The 17th Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women “Creating a Just and Plentiful Future―What is the Education for Sustainable Development?”
  • Foreign Correspondents’ Reports “Women and Disaster”

No. 49 March 2007

Asian Breeze No.48

  • WOMEN TODAY “After Beijing +10 ―The Road Ahead”

― by Ms. Patricia B. Licuanan, President of Miriam College, Philippines, Co-Chair of South East Asia Women Watch (SEAWWatch)

  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (Part 3)―Women’s Participation in Disaster Reduction and Past- Disaster Reconstruction”
  • KFAW College―An Analysis of Iraqi Issues
  • KFAW Research Report “Expressive Arts Therapy Applied Research Method”

No. 48 November 2006