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Exchange and Training Projects

At KFAW, we organize the Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women and other international conferences on Asia and women. Based on our extensive network, we also develop a wide range of activities, such as projects commissioned by the Kyushu International Center of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). We promote networking with overseas gender-related organizations and encourage interactions to share problems and experiences.

The Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women

For the purpose of considering the problems of women in Asian countries and promoting the empowerment of Asian women through mutual understanding and international cooperation, we hold the Kitakyushu Conference on Asian Women annually. With some presenters invited from overseas, the Conference includes lectures, panel discussions, and breakout sessions.


“Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers”

The purpose of this international seminar is to train national and local government officers in developing countries so that they can promote gender-mainstreaming and empowerment of women at each stage of policy planning, implementation and evaluation. This seminar is commissioned by the JICA Kyushu International Center.


Developing Overseas Focal Points and Networks

We promote a wide range of interactions with overseas gender-related organizations and work toward the establishment of a permanent network. Through these activities, we strive to solve common problems, improve the status of women, and realize a gender-equal society.


Projects to Promote International Understanding

To promote understanding among foreign countries, especially those in the Asia-Pacific region, we conduct exchange activities, such as organizing seminars for international understanding and inviting foreign correspondents to Kitakyushu.