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Information Exchange Projects

At KFAW, we hold seminars in a timely manner, and publish a newsletter on the situations of women in Japan and foreign countries. We also manage a website and an archive of published materials, with the goals of building a wide network and gathering information.

Publication of Newsletter Asian Breeze

We publish the newsletter Asian Breeze, available in Japanese and English, three times a year. Featuring topics on women especially in the Asia-Pacific region, the newsletter carries columns by both Japanese and overseas experts in various fields as well as local reports by foreign correspondents.


Foreign Correspondents

For the purpose of expanding KFAW’s network and gathering information, we recruit foreign correspondents publicly from among those living outside Japan, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Such correspondents report their local life and the situations of local women.


Development of Annual Project Reports

We develop the Annual Report, a yearly project report, to use in PR activities and as a record of our activities.