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Survey and Research Projects

Survey and Research Activities

KFAW members study and analyze various gender-related problems, primarily in Asia and the Pacific, and present their study results at the Conference on Asian Women, seminars, academic meetings and in various publications.

Visiting Researcher’s Research

For the purpose of enhancing and improving our research activities, we commission visiting researchers to promote survey and research activities.


KFAW Network of Asian Researchers

We hold seminars on topics which are discussed from a gender perspective. This aims to help researchers and working-level staff persons in various fields who promote their activities in and around Kitakyushu to share the results of their research and activities mainly related to the Asian region. We strive to expand and improve our network.

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Program Development

At KFAW, researchers and consultants have gathered to develop a new program aimed at preventing dating DV which are currently increasing, particularly among young people. KFAW also prepared career development programs for high school and college students and programs to facilitate the promotion of women’s participation and advancement in manufacturing companies.


Publication of Journals

To enable KFAW researchers and the Research Division to present their research and activity results, we publish
Ajia Josei Kenkyu in Japanese and
the Journal of Asian Women’s Studies (JAWS) in English, which are available also as e-journals on KFAW’s website.