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KFAW Working Paper

KFAW started publishing the KFAW Working Paper Series in 2011. (mostly in Japanese)

(日本語) Vol.2022-1 「COVID-19による障害女性の日常生活への影響 ―バングラデシュを事例として」(2023年3月)

Vol.2021-1 Study on Challenges and Support Needs of Women in the Process of Divorce(Japanese)(2022,March)

"Globalization among Women in Japan and Korea : The Perspectives of Identity, English Ability, and Social Networks" (Japanese) (March, 2015)

"Unchanged View of the Division of Gender Roles in Marriage: Interviews with Married Women in Japan" (Japanese) (March, 2015)

"Discourse of “Motherhood” in Modern Taiwan, Province of China" (Japanese) (March, 2014)

" The Roles of Women in the Recovery of Tsunami – Affected Coastal Communities: A Comparative Study between the Aceh Province of Indonesia and the Tohoku Region of Japan"(Japanese) (March, 2014)

"Female Marriage Migration to Japan from Countries in Economic Transition in Asia: Cases of the family of a Chinese student and the family of a Vietnamese refugee" (Japanese) (December, 2012)

"Research, Analysis and Network Development to Sustain Businesses of Rural Women Entrepreneurs: from North Kyushu to Asia" (Japanese) (March, 2013)

"Promoting Gender Mainstreaming around the World: Results of a Follow-up Survey on the JICA Training Course on Gender Mainstreaming" (March, 2013)

"Examining Education Trajectories and Views on Employment and Marriage: Cases of Female University Students in Kitakyushu, Japan and Trivandrum, India" (March, 2012)

"Women’s Empowerment through Collective Actions: The Case of Makthal Federation in Andhra Pradesh, India" (August, 2011)

"Social Inclusion of Migrant Women and Their Children from Thailand and the Philippines" (Japanese) (March, 2011)

"Female Criminals and Victims Portrayed by the Japanese Media" (Japanese) (March, 2011)

"Female Education and Gender Equality: The Case of Kerala, India" (Japanese) (October, 2010)