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Training Programs for International Government Officials

Seminar on Gender Perspective in Environment and Development Country Reports Presentation (March 17, 2009)

The Kitakyusyu Forum on Asian Women, entrusted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), annually organizes the Seminar on Gender Perspective in Environment and Development.

090317_Action Plan Presentation095.JPGThe purposes of this Seminar are to deepen participants’ understanding of women’s roles in environmental protection and sustainable development; provide participants with basic knowledge necessary for reforming their countries’ systems from gender-sensitive perspectives; develop participants’ skills in resolving women’s problems; foster participants’ ability to effectively carry out environment and development related initiatives from the standpoint of government or NGO’s; promote participants’ understanding of the importance of environmental including sustainable development education, and enhance participants’ capacity as leaders of various related projects.

090317_Action Plan Presentation017.JPG

This year’s seminar was held from Februaly 9 to March 18, 2009, with a total of five participants from Macedonia, China and Niger.

Five trainees of the seminar made presentations at KFAW’s Country Report Meeting in March 18, 2009. Ms.Masako Ota, Senior Researcher, acted as chairperson and coordinated the meeting. Despite limited time for each presentation, the audience was able to learn about various issues in all three countries. 


You can download their presentation materials.

Ms. Frosina Geceva Kocova (Macedonia)(1.97MB)

Ms. Li Yan-Ling (China)(1.47MB)

Ms. Fatima Moroh Diakite (Niger)(7.04MB)

Ms. Baoua Abdou Chaoulani Zainaba (Niger)(4.76MB)

Ms. Boukar Koura Yagana Tinguiri (Niger)(7.73MB)