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Journal of Asian Women's Studies

Vol. 15 (December, 2006)

Vol. 15 (December, 2006)


Foreword Yoko Kitazawa Globalization and Gender: Looking at Women in Poor, Developing Countries
Special contribution Yasuko Muramatsu Gender and Economics in Japan: Japanese Women’s Position and their Mainstreaming Efforts to Advance Gender Perspectives in Economics
Research Notes Akio Ito, Kiyoshi Yamada, and Victor S. Muhandiki Evaluation of the Impact of Water Supply Projects from the View Point of Gender
  Margaret Sanapo-Chang, and Yasuhide Nakamura Local Organizations and their Preventive Programs for the Street Children in Iloilo City, Philippines
Field Note Rieko Fukushima Byrom Women’s Fears and Collective Power during Ethnic Conflict in Solomon Islands: A Case Study of Women’s Groups in the Solomon Islands
KFAW Reports Atsuko Miwa At the Crossroads of Needs and Rights―Preliminary Notes from a Field Survey on a Rights-Based Approach―

Akihiko Morita Collaboration between Civil Society and Government: Challenges in the Greater Mekong Sub (GMS) Region
  Toshiko Hirata Recognition Levels of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Japan

Yukiko Oda Women and Gender Equality Centers: A Case Study in Kitakyushu

Masako Ota A Report on the Panel Discussion: An International Comparison of Reproductive Rights Policy―South Korea, Eastern Europe, the United States and Japan
Trends in Women’s Studies in Asia Soheila Sadeghi, and Heshmat Moinifar Trends in Women’s Studies in Iran
Current Topics Hiroko Hara, and Hiroko Hashimoto The Sixth East Asian Women’s Forum in Beijing
  Tricia Okada What is the Takarazuka Revue in the Eyes of Non-Japanese Fans?
Women in Kitakyushu Beverley Anne Yamamoto Enduring Ties that Transcend State and Empire: The Life of Etsuko Amakawa in Northeast China and Japan
Book Reviews Sumiko Kazeno The Mercilessness of Femininity under the White Thrones of the Gods
  Masako Ota The Lives of Women in Pakistan

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B5/ 145 pages
Published in December, 2006
ISSN 0918-8568