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Asian Breeze No.84

  • WOMEN TODAY―”Relationship between the Revision of Family Law and the Women’s Movement in South Korea” by Ms. Seonja CHA, Professor at Chonnam National University School of Law, Visiting Scholar at Fukuoka University School of Law
  • CURRENT ISSUES SERIES―”SDGs: Realization of Human Rights and Gender Equality (Part 2)” by Ms. Kaori KURODA, Executive Director of CSO Network Japan
  • Gender Mainstreaming Policies for Government Officers 2018 (the First)
  • KFAW International Understanding Seminar
  • FY2018/19 KFAW Visiting Researchers and Research Themes
  • Kick-off Activities for the 28th KFAW Foreign Correspondents


No. 84 November, 2018