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26th KFAW Foreign Correspondents (2016-2017)

Name Country Profile
Ms. Sholihatun KIPTIYAH Indonesia I graduated from Nagoya University with a degree in International Development. I consider myself a social wanderer with a passion for seeing what is going in the world. My wandering activities sometimes lead me to places where I can see how people live their lives. I often hang out in vegetable shops, which is really useful for me since I can get business insights there. I got to know there are some business opportunities in those places such as papaya supplying business. It’s not a big business, but it was interesting to interact with people in the traditional market. Discussing empowerment is one of my hobbies. I am a supporter of Manchester United, and a keen eater of tempura, sushi, sashimi, tempe and bakso (Indonesian meatball soup).
Ms. Bharati POKHAREL Nepal I have been working in the journalism sector for more than the past two decades. I have, in my capacity as a journalist, been going beyond my official duties to report about issues affecting women in general, including gender-based discrimination and violence. I have been regularly contributing on gender issues to the leading national dailies like Kantipur, Naagarik, etc. In 2016, I have been felicitated twice by the national press umbrella organizations in recognition of my contribution to the journalism sector. As an international correspondent from Nepal, I will bring interesting notes on gender equality from my country.
Ms. Vindhya WEERATUNGA Sri Lanka I am reading for my PhD in Management and Economics at the University of New South Wales in Canberra, Australia. I hold an Associate of Science degree in Management and a Bachelor of Science in International Business Management from the United States. I also have a Master in Business Administration from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. I am the Founder/ Chief Executive Officer of LIV International (Private) Limited in Sri Lanka, which is a company committed to providing executive education services.
Ms. Mallikarachchige Thilini Nayanarasi WIJETUNGE Sri Lanka After obtaining my BA (Hons) from the University of Kelaniya in 2008, I joined the Department of Modern Languages in the same university as an Assistant Lecturer in French. In the meantime, I followed my Master’s in Linguistics at University of Kelaniya and also obtained a Master’s in International Relations from University of Colombo. After completing two years of service at University of Kelaniya, I joined Kotelawala Defence University as a lecturer in English in 2011 and have been here to date. Currently, I am pursuing my M.Phil degree at University of Colombo.
Ms. Swapna MAJUMDAR India I am a Delhi based independent journalist for over 15 years, focusing on research-based articles on development issues and the role of women as agents of social change. In my writings, I have focused on India’s development policy and its impact on people, women in particular. I have received several awards and fellowships for the empathy and professionalism with which I have written on subjects such as health care, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, livelihoods, sanitation, education, environment and gender. I have covered several international conferences on development issues.
Ms. Yin Wah Amelia LO Hong Kong As a passionate young legal professional, I attempt to inspire my peers and elders to change what they can change, in a positive manner. After participating in the KFAW Foreign Correspondent Program as a Panelist, I hope to work further towards the meaningful cause of empowering women by cooperating with others sharing similar goals. Outside of work, I volunteer my time as a mentor and have participated in service trips both in Hong Kong, and the mountainous regions of mainland China and Thailand, as well as assumed leadership positions in women and youth groups in the legal and local community.
Mr. Bablu RAHMAN Bangladesh Being the founder of an NPO named `Micro Initiatives For Total Advancement (MITA)’, I am engaged in efforts towards the betterment of children, women, gender equality, and the establishment of human rights and peace in Bangladesh as well as in the world at large. Professionally, I am a journalist, serving in popular newspapers and televisions in Bangladesh. Besides, I have contributed two social research works to the Ministry of Planning, the Government of Bangladesh. Being a peace activist, I have presented study papers in the Conference of World Peace Council in Budapest, Hungary in 1990; the Conference of International Peace Research Association in Kyoto, Japan in 1992; and the Conference at Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan in 1999.

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