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22nd Foreign Correspondents

Theme: Striving for the creation of communities where both men and women can fully demonstrate their potential equality (2012-2013)

Name Country Profile
Mr. S.M Mizanur RAHMAN Bangladesh I am a Journalist turned to development organizer and ex professional journalist of the 2nd largest national newspaper the Daily Inqilab (1983-1994).
I served as Deputy Director, Manush Manusher Jonnyo, NGO (1995-2006) and as its Director, 2007 until now. I am interested in women development.
My lifelong endeavor is to empower women through education and skill training to survive in life. I have made efforts for the safety and sustainability of poor women’s food, clothing, shelter, access right to health service, education for life and dignity as human beings in the community. I believe on focusing women in the media is a best tool to make a change.
Ms. Keiko OHAMA China Seventeen years ago I started to study in China, which was promoting a socialist market economy policy and revitalizing itself. I obtained a doctoral degree in education at Beijing Normal University. Hoping to build my career by blending into the local community, I worked as a foreign expert at the Central Bureau of Translation for 12 years. While living in Beijing, I established close relationships with Chinese women scholars and promoted grassroots level research and interaction activities. In 2011, I was appointed honorary professor by China Women’s University, the main center of higher education for Chinese women. Respecting ties with Asian women that have been cultivated in China, which transcend the boundaries of individual countries, I would like to write my reports.
Ms. BI Junmei China In 2000, I went to Japan to study and obtained a degree in Japanese literature. Currently, I work for the Inner Mongolia Women’s Association. As a foreign correspondent, I would like to share with you the situation of women in Inner Mongolia and other issues.
Ms. Swapna MAJUMDAR India I am a Delhi based independent journalist, focusing on research-based articles on development issues and the role of women as agents of social change. In my writings, I have focused on India’s development policy and its impact on people, women in particular.
I have received several awards and fellowships for the empathy and professionalism with which I have written on subjects such as health care, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, livelihoods, sanitation, education, environment and gender.
I have covered several international conferences on development issues.
Ms. Young Joo KIM Korea After obtaining a doctoral degree in social sciences at a graduate school of Chungnam National University, I began working as a researcher for the Chungcheongnam-do Women’s Policy Development Institute (CWPDI), which concluded with KFAW the MOU on Academic Exchange in 2009. Presently I am engaged in gender-related research and policy development at CWPDI. In regard to policies for women, my particular interest is in the problems of women’s rights and immigrant women. In 2010, I visited Kitakyushu to participate in an international symposium held jointly by KFAW and the University of Kitakyushu. Taking advantage of my experience of studying in Japan, I would like to continue to actively participate in mutual interaction between Korea and Japan.
Ms. LEE Yoon Ju Korea After studying infant education at Mokpo College, I worked for a kindergarten. After getting married and becoming a full-time housewife, I worked for two years at a kindergarten at which education was provided in English. In 2008, I began to study English and English literature at Mokpo National University. Last year, after completing the course, I began to work at a public kindergarten as an instructor of number counting, the Hangul alphabet, and English. I live in Mokpo City in South Jeolla Province on the southwestern tip of the Korean peninsula, together with my husband, my adolescent daughter in the second grade of junior high school, and my mischievous son in the fifth grade of elementary school.
Ms. Keriman SADIKAY Kosovo I have experience in preparing policies for human rights. I have participated in preparing the legislation, campaign, research, reports and completion of recommendations given by the council of Europe Framework Convention for the protection of National Minorities. I have done an analysis of the text in Turkish school in terms of gender issues. I also did a survey on the perceptions of discrimination in public administration and the perceptions of citizen on the anti-discrimination law. Before I worked in the Ministry of Education, I also carried out an analysis for the abandonment of school by girls. In addition, I organized debates about girls dropping out of school.
Mr. Sadeeq Usman OMAR Nigeria I was born in Nigeria in 1958. I hold the Nigerian certificate in Education in 1981, a Bachelor’s degree as well as a Master’s degree all from the Advanced Teachers’ College / A B University.
Now, I am working at the Department of Planning, Research and Statistics, National Centre for Women Development (1990-2002). I am married with two wives and have six children.
Ms. Thilini Wijetunge Sri Lanka I am a BA Honors graduate and possess double Masters in International Relations and Linguistics. I have been working as a language lecturer since 2008. I am currently working at Kotalawala Defence University in Sri Lanka as an English Lecturer. Being a language lecturer at a defence university, I have been associating with male and female adolescents engaged in various defence activities.
My mother is a senior government servant and has been actively contributing to gender equality in Sri Lanka. I also have been influenced by this and have developed a passion to read and write on gender issues.

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