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19th Foreign Correspondents

Theme: The Daily Life : Clothing, Food and Living Environment (2009-2010)

Name Country Profile
Ms. Vokouma Jocelyne Burkina Faso Vokouma Jocelyne specialized in history and anthropology. After developing her career as a journalist, schoolteacher and human rights technical advisor, she was appointed Secretary General of the Women Promotion Ministry in Burkina Faso. Currently, as a research worker at the Institute of the Sciences of Societies, she is studying her country’s clothing culture and the art of cooking. Accordingly, she is particularly interested in this year’s theme. This is the fourth consecutive year she has served as a KFAW foreign correspondent.
Ms. Subadhra Rai Canada Subadhra RAI is a Singaporean woman living in Canada. This will be the third time she has served as a KFAW foreign correspondent. The last time (15th period) she was in Thailand and reported on that country. As a college instructor, she currently teaches internationally educated nurses. As a foreign correspondent, she was invited to Kitakyushu in 2002 and participated in various exchange programs with local residents.
Ms. Satoko Chatarjee India Satoko Chatarjee was born in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. After working at a local TV station and a senior high school (part-time lecturer), she is currently committed to environmental education and regional development education at an NGO named the Development Research Communication and Services Center. She has lived in West Bengal, India, for 12 years. This will be the second time she has served as a KFAW foreign correspondent, following her service during the 17th period.
Ms. Lee Kyoung Hee South Korea Lee Kyoung Hee loves drawing, and specialized in design at university. After graduation, she worked at a design firm, designing web pages and editing books. Currently, as a staff member of the 2009 Incheon Global Fair & Festival Organization Committee, she is committed to preparations for the event, which will be held in Incheon for 80 days, from August 2009.
Mr. Andrew Iki Papua New Guinea Andrew Iki, the first KFAW foreign correspondent living in Papua New Guinea, currently serves at the Ministry of Community Development as a program officer. In June 2008, he visited Japan to attend the JICA Seminar. At present, he is struggling to incorporate into the Ministry’s programs what he learned at the seminar in Japan.
Ms. Satoko Porteous Thailand Satoko Porteous was born in Tokyo. After studying in the U.S. and Hong Kong, she worked at the research and marketing sections of Japanese and U.S.-based enterprises. She has lived outside Japan for the past 15 years, moving from country to country with her British husband, due to his business demands. For the past two years, she has resided on Samui Island in Thailand. As the mother of three children, she is busy fulfilling her parental responsibilities. Yet, she has decided to apply for a KFAW foreign correspondent’s position, in order to build networks with many women in other parts of the world.
Ms. Hadijah Kibira Uganda As the Chairwoman of the Uganda Muslim Women Vision, Hadijah Kibira is dedicated to promoting protection of women’s rights, women’s education and welfare for women. Having earned a master’s degree in regional development, she currently serves as a part-time lecturer at the Islamic University in Uganda. In 2003, she visited Japan to attend a JICA Seminar. This will be the second time she has served as a KFAW foreign correspondent, following her service during the 14th period.
Ms. Alikulova Nargiza Uzbekistan After specializing in philology at Tashkent State Pedagogical University, Alikulova Nargiza engaged in comparative studies of Asian politics and administration for two years at a Japanese graduate school. She has also served as a PR specialist at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan and in the UNDP Project on Capacity Building for Internet Technological Development and Promotion in Uzbekistan.
Ms. Le Thi Vietnam Le Thi has a long career as a researcher of gender and family issues and publisher of many books. Until 2004, she had served as an advisor to the Swedish and Danish Fund for Promotion on Gender Equality in Vietnam. This is the sixth time for her to serve as a KFAW foreign correspondent, the first time being in the ninth period.

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