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23rd Foreign Correspondents

23rd KFAW Foreign Correspondents (2013-2014)

Name Country Profile
Ms. Munima SULTANA Bangladesh During my long journalism career, I have mostly been focusing on gender issues in my reporting. After finishing my masters from mass communication and journalism at the University of Dhaka in 1993, I joined in a news agency and worked for 10 years. I changed my office by joining in the national financial daily titled The Financial Express in 2005. I did professional trainings like gender reporting, leadership training for female journalists, financial and economic reporting.
Ms. Gloria ARLINI Indonesia Having been a KFAW Foreign Correspondent in 2005-2009, I am excited to return again this year. I graduated from National University of Singapore with the Masters in Social Sciences degree. In 2010, I co-founded Nusantara Development Initiatives, a non-profit social enterprise which aims to train Indonesian rural women to become entrepreneurs. I hope to continue sharing my perspectives on Indonesian women through KFAW.
Ms. Bharati POKHAREL Nepal I graduated from Tribhuvan University in 1998, and am currently working as a freelance journalist. I feel privileged to have served as a KFAW Foreign Correspondent in 2007, as this experience provided me with an opportunity to share interesting issues related to gender in Nepal with a larger audience all over the world. I am very excited to write on these interesting issues, because I feel they are underrepresented in similar media as of now.
Mr. Saboor AHMED Pakistan I am from the most deprived province in Pakistan and the background of my family is a tribal family. I have experience of working in three provinces of Pakistan in the fields of disaster management and gender-based violence. Now I have a community-based organization which focuses on human rights, women’s education, etc. I am a student in the gender studies department of Qaid e Azam University in Islamabad. I wish to empower women in Pakistan, give equal opportunities to them, and promote gender mainstreaming.
Ms. Kay MAKISHI U.S.A. I am a second-generation Japanese immigrant who grew up in the United States. I studied Japanese and anthropology through study abroad at Jochi University while I was in Pennsylvania University. Currently, I am working as a coordinator for international relations in Okagaki, Japan. From 2012, I started to research on relationship between Japan and the United States as a fellow of the Sasagawa Peace Foundation. I was elected for the president of national AJET committee for 2013-14.

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