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30th KFAW Foreign Correspondent (2020-2021)

Disha Arora from India has been appointed as the 30th KFAW Foreign Correspondent. Presented below is her brief profile.

Name Country Profile

Disha Arora



Disha Arora is an award-winning feminist documentary filmmaker and development communications specialist from India. Disha is committed to challenging social systems and ideologies which promote gender-based discrimination. She produces films that highlight the impact of social structures (religion and caste) on women’s rights and tell stories of women who are re-writing the social narratives to fully realize their human rights and build a just and peaceful world.


Driven by the passion to create a stronger focus on women’s rights in India, Disha independently shot and directed India’s first national-level award-winning documentary to highlight the weakening of women’s rights under the guise of religion – ‘Women and Religion in India’. Over the past nine years, Disha has worked with a number of grassroots and international nonprofits addressing social issues such as violence against women, rural education, gender equality, climate change, and effects of urbanization.


Report 1

The Burden of Water – Disha Arora (India)


Report 2

No help for helping hands – Impact of COVID-19 on female domestic workers in India – Disha Arora (India)