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21st Foreign Correspondents

Theme: Youth Culture and Gender Equality Today (2011-2012)

Name Country Profile
Ms. Miho GODA China (Hong Kong) Throughout my undergraduate years to my time as a doctoral student, I participated in programs at the National University of Singapore and conducted research on Chinese communities in Singapore.
Currently, I work for both the Department of History and Department of Japanese Studies at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Also, I am researching the support provided in Chinese communities (especially Hong Kong) for Children with High Functioning Pervasive Departmental Disorder.
Mr. MUKHAMAD Subkhan Indonesia I came to Japan in 2006 to study in the Department of Applied Science for Integrated System Engineering at Kyushu Institute of Technology’s graduate school. I am a student as well as a father with two children. Consequently, I am carrying out household chores and child-rearing activities.
In the hope that people in Japan will learn much more about Indonesia, I am actively engaged in community interaction activities.
Ms. HONG Mi Ok South Korea In 1992, I began working as a civil servant in Incheon City. From 2008 to 2010, I worked at the International Affairs Department in Kitakyushu City, under a staff exchange program between the sister cities of Incheon and Kitakyushu.
Currently, I am busy working as a civil servant in Incheon City and also as a mother with two children. While it is difficult to strike a balance between my career and household chores, I hope that I can fully work on both and enjoy myself.
Ms. CHEOW Puei Kuen Malaysia After graduating from The University of Science Malaysia in the field of interior design, I started my life as a foreign student in Tokyo, Japan to continue my studies, hoping to contribute and dedicate myself to education field in the future. I obtained my master degree in architecture and am currently a Ph.D. student in the same university, conducting research on environment-behavioral studies. It was a special chance for me to get to know KFAW during my visit to Kitakyushu for an academic conference. I participated as one of the 21st KFAW foreign correspondents.
Ms. Bhawana UPADHYAY Nepal I am a researcher and development practitioner. I have worked with various national and international organizations in different country contexts. Some of my works have been published as book chapters and articles in internationally referred journals. Some of my article are found at the following link: http://www.ekantipur.com/2011/04/07/oped/her-reproductive-choices/332117.html

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