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28th KFAW Foreign Correspondents (2018-2019)

Name Country Profile
Mr. Chayku Bhutan I am Chayku from Eastern Bhutan. Graduated from Sherubtse College in 2012 with 70.05 aggregate, I have bachelor’s degrees in English and Dzongkha (national language). I was an active participant of various units in the college and served as a ‘resident councilor’ for a year in 2012. I am also a recipient of various literary awards. After graduation, I served as an English teacher in Thailand. I represented my country in the best possible way. After two years of successful service in Thailand, I returned to my country. Then I joined Bhutan Broadcasting Service (BBS), the national radio and television broadcast station. I now work as a radio anchor and producer. Besides being a journalist, I also blog. My content is more diverse, but I explore social issues, and sometimes post stories on ‘women and gender’ in particular. Links to my works are: https://chayku88.blogspot.com/ and https://gendersensitvereporting.blogspot.com/. I published my first book ‘Chasing Dreams’ in the fall of 2015, and was featured in a documentary ‘White Gold’ on ABC News.
Ms. Jeong HYOMIN Korea I am studying social economy and gender research at a graduate school. My study focuses on facilitating the mapping of gender and social economy in Asia. I also study gender disagreements that occur throughout Asia, and meet and interview women who make communities. The themes of the workshops are travel and community. I value encounters with women whom I meet in communities through traveling. The role of women in the social economy created by village enterprises and cooperatives is also very important. As a female scholar traveling around Asia, I support the society and values that women make.
Ms. Carmen LEDESMA Peru As a jurist specialized in women’s human rights, I monitored the National Plan to Combat Violence against Women 2009-2015 and gave technical assistance at the regional level to local governments on the National Plan to reduce Gender-based Violence 2016-2021. I was Director of Policies for a Life Free of Violence and Economic Autonomy of Women in the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations. I deliver lectures on the prevention of gender-based violence and promote the participation of the private sector in dealing with violence through the measurement of the costs of violence. I have developed projects on productive enterprises for the economic autonomy of women in post-natural disaster situations. And I am also a participant in a binational border strategy for migrant women on the prevention of gender-based violence and human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.
Ms. Swapna MAJUMDAR India I am an award-winning independent journalist based in Delhi. I write on development issues and the role of women as agents of social change. In my writings, I focus on reproductive and sexual health and rights, public health, education, the environment, sanitation, poverty and livelihoods through a gender lens. Several of my articles have been included as chapters in government publications as well as those of national and international non-governmental organizations.
Ms. Jawaria KASHIF Pakistan I am a lawyer, human rights activist, researcher, and article writer from Lahore, Pakistan. I am currently practicing law in civil and family cases. I am also spreading legal awareness among women and children. See the link to my page below:
Mr. Muhammad SAJJAD Pakistan My active role is concerned with various communal activities in local community of Southern areas, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. My role as a beacon for the inhabitants, especially for educated Youth, is to guide by general gathering and publicize latest information by social media. Growing-up situation in the countryside, where people suffer from poverty, lack of education and basic human rights, discrimination against women and dropout children from school, makes me hard-pressed to step up! I am confident serving as a KFAW foreign correspondent will encourage me to act more positively in this taxing condition.

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