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18th Foreign Correspondents

Theme: The elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against the girl (2008-2009)

Name Country Profile
Ms. VOKOUMA Jocelyne Burkina Faso VOKOUMA Jocelyne specialized in history and anthropology. She worked as a journalist, teacher and technical counselor of human rights before assuming her current position as Secretary General of the Women Promotion Ministry in Burkina Faso. This is her third consecutive year as a KFAW foreign correspondent.
Ms. TIANN Monie Cambodia TIANN Monie is supervisor of an educational program organized by the NPO American Assistance for Cambodia/Japan Relief for Cambodia (AAfC/JRfC). This NPO is dedicated to improving the living standards of Cambodian people, particularly the youth and rural poor. Her primary task is providing women and girls with education, so as to protect them from human trafficking, sex work and sexual exploitation.
Ms. Keiko OHAMA China OHAMA Keiko is a Japanese woman who received her doctorate in pedagogy in China, in recognition of her comparative studies regarding women’s education in Japan and China. Currently, she is working at a Chinese governmental agency as a foreign specialist. Concurrently, as a guest researcher of China Women’s College, she is engaged in various collaborations and other projects to create a bridge between Japan and China.
Ms. Meeta SINGH India Meeta SINGH is a qualified medical doctor working on community health and public policy. She specialized in infection control and served in the Indian Army as a medical officer. In addition, she heads the Dignity for the Girl Child Program. This is a program to curb the social trend of preferring boys to girls to ensure that girls can maintain their dignity.
Ms. Bhawana UPADHYAY Nepal Bhawana UPADHYAY, program manager of a relief organization for the poor, is developing and implementing programs related to gender equality and social development issues. Before assuming her present position, she was a researcher at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), studying problems relating to gender, water and poverty.
Ms. Tehreem HASAN Pakistan Tehreem HASAN, who has two masters, has been an educationist, trainer and resource person for various organizations. Currently, she works as a resource person for the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. She has also established an institute which offers academic and counseling services for 10 to 20-year-old students.
Mr. Val HAM Philippines Val HAM, who specialized in business and social cultural psychology, is now running his own business. He is interested in art and music. He also composes music and plays the guitar and the keyboard. At the same time, he enjoys various sports, especially, basketball and swimming.
Ms. Gloria ARLINI Singapore Gloria ARLINI is an Indonesian living in Singapore. She is currently studying for a master’s in sociology at the National University of Singapore. She is especially interested in migration, diaspora, races and religion and social memory. This is her third consecutive year as a KFAW foreign correspondent.
Ms. Kanthi WIJETUNGE Sri Lanka Kanthi WIJETUNGE, an Additional Secretary, Ministry of Petroleum and Petroleum Resources Development, once served as Director, Women’s Bureau of Sri Lanka. At that time, she promoted development programs for gender equality. As a national gender trainer, she has also been involved in building national policies to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and the girl child.

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