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20th Foreign Correspondents

Theme: Aiming for Realizing a Gender-Equal Society; a City with Full Opportunities for Women to Play more Active Roles- the Current Situation of my Country (2010-2011)

Name Country Profile
Ms. Madina Qasimi Afghanistan Visited Japan in 2008 as a JICA training program participant. She now works as an officer in charge of gender affairs at the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, utilizing knowledge gained from the program in Japan.
Ms. Karin Zaugg Black U.S.A. From 1993 to 96, worked as a Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) at the international exchange department of the Kobe City Government. At the time of the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake, she took part in rescue operations as an interpreter for the Japanese rescue team and the Swiss rescue dog team. A busy mother of two, she now works for the Office of Economic Development of the City of Seattle .
Ms. Dejana Tepsic Bosnia and Herzegovina Visited Japan in 2009 as a JICA training program participant. As a public relations officer for the Gender Center of Republika Surpska, her duties include publicity activities, liaison and coordination, education and public awareness activities, policymaking and production of public relations brochures. In Bosnia and Herzegovina she participates as a musician in the government’s anti-DV campaign.
Ms. Keiko Ohama China After studying in China and obtaining an Ed.D. in comparative studies of women’s education in China and Japan, she chose to pursue a professional career in China, and now works as a foreign expert for a Chinese government agency. Her activities to date include developing friendly ties with Chinese universities, the All-China Women’s Federation and other NGOs, and promoting and introducing developments in women’s studies in both China and Japan.
Ms. Ryoko Onodera Finland Having been interested in geriatric development since her undergraduate days, her research field comprises nursing care support and learning processes of the elderly with dementia, from the perspectives of life-span development and cognitive psychology. Currently pursuing postgraduate studies in Finland, a country with advanced social welfare and women’s participation in society, she teaches Japanese language and culture to local students while conducting research on Finland’s welfare for the elderly.
Ms. Anna Izuka Russia Currently lives in Japan after graduating in July 2010 from Russia’s Chelyabinsk State University. At university she studied Japan’s regional policies for three years. She now undertakes technical translation and interpretation for Japanese corporate clients, and hopes to contribute to the further development of Russia-Japan relations.
Mr. Chang Ik Lee South Korea After completing doctoral studies in Japan at the Graduate School of Economics, Chuo University, he has lectured part-time at Korea University and Konkuk University, among others, and currently works as a research committee member for the women and human resources team of the Chungcheongnam-do Woman’s Policy Development Institute (CWPDI), which has had an academic agreement with KFAW since 2009.

1st Reports “Personal Perspective on Child Rearing and Gender Role”

2nd Reports “Political Measures and Systems on Gender Mainstreaming in My Country”

3rd Reports “Labor from a Gender Perspective”